Datasets used in Spatial Relationships Between Two Georeferenced Variables

Below you will find links to comma-separated files (CSV) and/or Rdata (RDA) versions of additional data used in the book; please inform us if you notice anything missing.

nanotubes data

The flame retardant property of clay polymer nanocomposites improve the physical and flammability properties of polymers. The distribution of this nanotube was examined by optical microscopy. This distribution is believed to depend mainly on the distance from the top surface to the location of the polymer matrix (polymethyl methacrylate). The collected dataset consists of four 512 x 512 images.

The images are arranged in a dataset with 262144 rows and 6 variables.
Data: nanotubes.rda

Kashiwagi, T., Du, F., Winey, K.I., Groth, K.M., Shields, J.R., Bellayer, S.P., Kim, S., Douglas, J.F. (2005). Flammability properties of polymer nanocomposites with single-walled carbon nanotubes: Effects of nanotube dispersion and concentration. Polymer 46, 471-481.

R logos data

R logo is a registered trademark of the R Foundation and is available under creative commons license. More information can be found on the webpage:

The current version of the logo was introduced in February 2016 while the previous version was used between 2000 and 2016. The following are the versions of the R logo used in the book:

Forest data

Several contamination percentages for a forestry dataset. The image was subject of salt and pepper contamination: